A proprietary and “Patent Pending” ceramic material that is used to create a highly efficient radiant barrier when added to ordinary paints.

Since the introduction of Insuladd® to the paint industry in 1996 there have been quite a number of "ceramic" additives and paints to hit the marketplace. All of these products are simply based on adding standard microspheres to the paint or selling these inexpensive microspheres alone as "an insulating additive for paint". No one manufacturers a product like Insuladd® which works inside as well as outside. Competitors always show white paint and their "microspheres" on exterior applications! If their products truly worked as insulating paint they would show interior results for their products as we do! Another common misconception promoted by our competitors is that this that the ceramic insulating technology of their products comes from NASA and the U.S. Space program. Insuladd® was developed by Tech Traders Inc. through their participation in NASA's technology exchange program in 1995. Insuladd® is unique, patented technology not possessed by our competitors who's "off the shelf" technology falls far short of the thermal performance of our products.

Insuladd® was developed via the NASA technology exchange program. (We can prove it!) Insuladd® ceramic paint additive has withstood the rigors of the most extreme and demanding conditions including applications on a U.S. Navy Arctic Research Vessel, oil storage tanks in the Middle East, Metal shipping containers, factories and warehouses. Insuladd® has again and again proven to be able to save users as much as 40% off their normal heating and cooling costs!

Insuladd® has huge implications for the oil & gas industries as well as for cryogenic storage facilities. The substantial reduction in evaporative loss from tanks painted with Insuladd® has given return on investment year after year. A cryogenic liquid oxygen tank painted by Linde Gas showed substantial evaporative loss reduction from the tank to the degree that the cost of painting the tank with Insuladd® was recovered in less than 4 months. Data shows that petrochemical tanks painted with Insuladd® have 20%+ less evaporative loss than identical tanks painted with glossy white or silver paint!

The most substantial difference found in Insuladd® products over competitors products is the proven substantial reduction in flux or heat flow through paint containing Insuladd®. Data and exterior building applications show a reduction in heat flux through paint containing Insuladd® measured in BTU's of nearly 50% when compared to that of competitors glossy white paint products! Interior building applications of Insuladd® show heat flux reductions (heat loss and heat gain) that amount to energy savings in U.S. dollars in excess of 15%. This equates to hundreds of dollars of savings per year for residential buildings and thousands of dollars per year for commercial and industrial buildings. No other insulating paint product can offer the proven bi-directional performance (inside or outside use) of Insuladd®.

Why just paint when you can insulate as you paint with Insuladd®?

Using anything less just doesn't make sense!


  1. Cheap Insulation // October 14, 2011 at 2:43 AM  

    Having loft insulation professionally fitted with the assistance of a government-backed grant is cheaper, is this true?

  2. T.T. Nichole // July 24, 2012 at 8:28 PM  
  3. carrytim // October 1, 2012 at 5:04 AM  

    The DIY technique gives cheap loft insulation but you need to take care of a few things. While fitting the insulation you need to wear goggles, a mask and gloves to protect yourself against the particles of the insulation material. Also, wear clothes in which you are comfortable in and that are loose fitting. Old clothes are best because there could be dust and dirt while you work.

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